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So You Wanna Start A Community For Creatives with Emma Hicks from Camp Climb

Welcome to our So You Wanna Start A... series, designed to give you a behind-the-scenes sneak peek at the journeys that went into creating some of your favorite local brands.

Today's guest is Emma Hicks, owner of Camp Climb and expert at bringing together creatives in community, both virtually and in person.

Our favorite piece of advice: "Find a community where you feel a deep sense of belonging." It can be a lot when you shoulder the weight of everything on your own. Having a group of people that you can lean on for support in both the highs and lows is crucial to thriving in entrepreneurship.

If you're curious about starting a virtual and in-person community for creatives, learn a little more from Emma and connect using the links below!

1. What do you own and why did you start this business?

Camp Climb; I was craving deeper connection with other female creative entrepreneurs forging new paths and a deep desire to bring our differences around the table and find unity in our own individual uniqueness.

2. What is an early win you had that made you feel like you were on the right path?

Booking Jenna Kutcher for our 2018 keynote at Summer Camp and selling out tickets almost instantly, generating an encouraging profit.

3. What's one of the biggest challenges you’ve had?

Getting out of my own way; opening up to receive from others.

4. What are three pieces of advice you’d give to aspiring local business owners in your industry?

1) Hire coaches/mentors.

2) Awaken your feminine.

3) Find a community where you feel a deep sense of belonging.

5. Where is your business heading next and what are you excited about?

We are excited to be supporting human evolution in it's infancy here in the heart of the Midwest through a physical healing space on 40-acres; people want to feel at home when they're in transformation.

We are also launching our ME-TIME MEMBERSHIP right now! 

It's designed for the ambitious woman who craves connection, has a big appetite for life and wants to relinquish control, and is ready to hunker down within themselves. To learn more, email Emma at [email protected] with the phrase ME-TIME in the subject line to learn more & sign up. 

Find Emma & Camp Climb:

Instagram: @campclimb

Instagram: @hicks__emma

Facebook: @gocampclimb


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