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Beyond Local: Adding Affiliate Marketing to Your Revenue Mix

Welcome to the "Beyond Local" series where we introduce new ways to scale your brand beyond one geographically bound area.

Most local businesses rely on local residents to support them. This is exactly what we teach local business owners how to do with ease inside of Local Business School, but once you master a local market, why not go beyond the parameters of your specific community?

We're kicking off "Beyond Local" with one of our favorite topics: affiliate marketing. To be transparent, there are affiliate links inside of this and if you purchase from us, we may get a small commission. Let's dive in.

First and foremost, what exactly is affiliate marketing?

If you sign up to be an affiliate of a company, you get a custom link made just for you to share with your audience. If someone clicks or buys from you within a specific timeframe, you can make real money from that click or purchase.

Every affiliate program is different, but the gist is that you get compensated for anyone who...

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