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8 Email List Opt-In Ideas for Your Local Business

Inbox: 55 new emails!

Do you ever open up your computer to see that staring back at you? Yeah, me too. So when another brand asks me to “join their newsletter,” I’m usually inclined not to, unless I know and love the owner or I’m pulled in by their opt-in.

What’s an opt-in? Opt-ins are incentives you can use to show people the value of signing up for your list. “Join our email list,” doesn’t quite have the same punch to it as “New email subscribers get 30% off their first purchase!”

Now that’s a reason to join a list.

As a local business owner, you’re always seeking new ways to connect with your community and meet new people who may be interested in your brand. Emails are one of the best ways to showcase who you are and what you have to offer but they do very little if no one’s on your list.

So how do you draw them in? Opt-in’s!

Many times, people are willing to exchange their email for whatever is...

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Why Local Business Owners are Moving to Flodesk

Email marketing.

Yep, we’re talking about it again. But today we’re switching it up. Instead of sharing all the reasons you should have an email marketing strategy (there are many) we’re going to assume you already do. But it may be time to make a switch in your platform. 

There’s a new email marketing option on the block that local business owners are flocking towards. 

What are these fresh new digs convincing local biz owners to leave their old platform behind? Flodesk!

Flodesk is a new, beautifully designed platform literally "built with small business owners in mind.”

Finally a platform that’s easy-to-use AND visually appealing. But that’s not the only reason why local business owners are making the switch to Flodesk. We’ve got five.

1. The email builder is intuitive and user-friendly.

Beauty without function is useless, a fact I’m sure you’ve discovered in your journey as a local business owner....

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