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Why Ambassadors Are the Secret Sauce for Local Businesses

When I was growing a local networking group in Des Moines, I relied heavily on others getting the word out.

I wasn’t sitting around creating a bunch of blogs, social media posts, and emails to tell people how awesome this group was and how they should join it.

I was equipping, mobilizing, and incentivizing OTHERS to! And the group went from 5 people to 500 in a year.

It’s the difference between a business putting a billboard up or a print ad with YOU telling US how great your business is.

When you flip the script and do it the way I did, it’s OTHERS telling YOU how great your business is.

What do you trust more? A television ad promoting a new restaurant or your friend raving about the meal they had and highly recommending you and your family try it next time they’re in town.

What’s more credible? What message do you trust more?

I certainly find that I learn about local businesses, events, projects, and everything in-between based on who I am friends...

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