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6 Digital Marketing Strategies that are Doubling Revenue for Local Businesses


This post (and podcast!) wasn’t queued up to go live for a few months but after a sales call I had with a potential client a few weeks ago, I knew I had to press publish NOW.

The woman I chatted with runs a really successful retail brand in the Des Moines metro and is pouring a TON of money into advertising services and products that aren’t returning anything for her. And she isn’t alone. I’ve talked with so many business owners that are still using old-school, pricey marketing that’s all glamour and no grit. Impressive reach and numbers but no return on investment in terms of dollars, relationships, or connections built.

So I set aside a few hours and pulled together clients I’ve worked with to share some of the things that we did together to holistically grow their business, things that generated new business, repeat business, and helped their brands expand. Holistic strategy is my bread and butter because...

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