Ready to Have a WILDLY Profitable Launch For Your Local Business?

The Profitable Local Launch Workshop is a hands-on, 90-minute workshop that will help you create a wildly successful launch for anything NEW you want to introduce your buyers & community to.


Only $37


What if you could launch something new and expect success?

Instead of throwing something out on social media and hoping for the best, what if you had a plan in place to attract the right people who are ready to buy... today!

Instead of just slapping something onto the website or social media, how it would it feel to have a plan you can consistently use to attract buyers who are eager to hear what's happening with your local business?

With the Profitable Local Launch, it's possible.

There’s no need for wasted time and money. In just 90 minutes, this workshop will teach you how to reverse engineer a successful launch in a local community.

Does This Sound Like You?

You hosted an event and threw it on Facebook, got some "interested" button clicks but generated only a small smattering of sales?

You spent hours taking photos of new products you were adding to your store and shared them on social media, but only got a few likes and a couple buyers.

You decided to add a new service to your business, put it all together on your website, made an announcement, put up a flyer, and only got a few bookings.

What if I told you there was a way to get your existing buyers and broader community REALLY excited about whatever it is you're launching?

If you're ready to be introduced to a framework that you can use for ANY launch, get registered for this workshop TODAY!


This is a workshop that will help you think strategically about introducing anything new to your audience and have them eager to take immediate action.

Here’s what you’ll learn from this workshop:

  • How to get really clear on what exactly the offer is, who it's for, how it helps people, and why they should buy it from you... today!
  • โ€‹How to design a content strategy and map out your teaser and launch content so people are ready for your LIVE announcement
  • How to create effective teaser content to warm your audience up for the offer
  • How to go live with your launch and smash your goals with confidence
  • How to take everything you learned from this launch and apply it to the next one

We Grow Local Businesses Using The PLL Framework

"Emily was referred to me as someone who would “totally rock your social media.”  I can totally agree that she has been very good with my Facebook, Instagram and email; and has gone above and beyond with my business, and helped us grow 100 percent in the last two years. Emily is creative, professional, and very nice to work with. I would highly recommend her!" - Susanne, 360 MedSpas

Hi, I'm Emily Steele!

I am a creative and strategic brand builder on a mission to support the local business community. I'm the owner and founder of Love Local, a company dedicated to helping local businesses everywhere create irresistible brands + experiences.

I have built two six-figure companies in less than two years, grew a local membership community from 5 to 500 in one year, and launched a nonprofit cause that has allowed hundreds of individuals access to education, jobs, and clean water in Ghana.

I help my clients, students, and my own company design and implement successful 4 & 5-figure launches on a consistent basis. 

What you get when you attend the workshop:

Proftitable Planner Workbook help you map out the exact steps you'll take to create your profitable launch.

Offer Clarity make sure you know exactly what your offer is, who it's for, and why someone will need it now, not later.

Content Strategy ensure you're showing up where your current (and ideal!) customers already are AND that they're paying attention.

Go Live Plan help you create a streamlined, effective strategy that keeps the momentum of your launch rolling.

Launch Audit reflect on your launch and make the next one even better than the last.

A Few Kind Words...

Katie A.

Wow! I highly recommend working with Love Local. I did a strategy call with Emily and felt like I walked a way with new ideas on how to grow my brand, and useful knowledge about the ins and outs of owning a business. If you want to receive practical advice for how to take your business to the next level, I recommend connecting with Love Local.

Mallory R.

If you are a business owner that needs tangible steps to grow and reach your clientele best, Love Local is seriously for you. My business (and me as a business-owner) benefited a great deal from working with Emily! Whatever you spend will be received back ten-fold from the resources and perspectives you will gain. Run, don't walk, and dive in with Love Local!

Lynda O.

Working with Love Local is a Must for any small business that needs to better understand how to show up in the mind's of the community! They were able to dig into the "why" of our business and help us get better clarity on what steps would be the most helpful to find and serve our clients.

Turn "I'll get it later!" to...

"I'm buying TODAY."


We'll teach you how to create urgency and demand for any offer you have. And do so with integrity cause we are not about slimy marketing. ๐Ÿ˜

We're taking consumer behavior, buyer psychology, and killer marketing strategy and packing it into 90 minutes that will help you rethink how you communicate and amplify your offerings.


Who is the Profitable Local Launch for?

I'm glad you asked! ๐Ÿ˜ This method works well for so many different types of local businesses. If you have something to sell and want to boost your sales, understanding how to effectively launch will not only impact your bottom line, but it will also make online marketing so much easier!

Brick + Mortar

Foot traffic is a huge part of your business when you rent or own an actual space. The Profitable Local Launch can be the innovative plan you need to stop wishing your launch would bring in new customers and instead count on it. All while continuing to build reliable income with the customers you already have.

Service-Based Businesses

Booking out appointments and projects is crucial for any service-based business. Whether you’re an interior designer, hair stylist, or electrician you know empty appointment dates can break your business. The Profitable Local Launch Method is designed to be a simple way to ensure those spots fill up every time you launch. 

Any Local Business Owner

You know how little time there seems to be in a day. You’re running around trying to juggle admin tasks while also running your business, leaving little time to think ahead for your next launch. The Profitable Local Launch can give you an effective, streamlined plan that allows you to go live and bring in the buyers


The Profitable Local Launch


  • Recorded Training with Emily Steele
  • Profitable Planner Workbook
  • Finish with an actionable, comprehensive plan to knock your next launch out of the park