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20 Product-Based Local Businesses Doing Something Right on Instagram

Instagram is the place we recommend local business owners start hanging out to gain traction.

Whether you run an annual event, a spa service with dozens of employees or a brick and mortar as a solopreneur, it doesn’t matter, all local brands can use Instagram to cultivate community, build a loyal customer base and grow their business.

Today however, we’re focusing on the brands crushing it on Instagram with physical products. We chose these brands for a lot of reasons. You might instantly go to their account, see thousands of followers and beautiful photos, but please understand that creating success on Instagram in 2021 is NOT about follower count, likes/comments, and a perfect feed.

You’ve read our blog post on everything you need to know about Instagram, right? Are you a product brand? We compiled 20 product-based local businesses across the country currently killing it on the Gram. From brands curating handmade goods to donut shops that will have you drooling, we’ve rounded up 20 examples of brands to serve as inspiration for you.

The Biscuit Bar

Can you guess what they’re known for? Biscuits! A brand centered around one food item could grow repetitive and boring after a while but not The Biscuit Bar. By calling out specific menu items and sharing user-generated content, this brand has found a way to keep their content fresh.

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A post shared by The Biscuit Bar (@thebiscuit.bar)


If you’ve been around the Love Local brand before, you’ll know our second love (behind Instagram of course) is email marketing and Malai is using it to make their ice cream a hot commodity in the Brooklyn area (and nationally too!). A call out like this one making sure followers know it’s email subscribers who will be the first to hear the scoop 😉 on new product launches, can be a really effective way to grow your email list.

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A post shared by Malai (@malai_icecream)

Katie’s Kennel

You don’t have to have every single image professionally photographed to find success on Instagram. Katie’s Kennel has a feed that thrives on bright pops of color, fun neon graphics and a TON of user-generated content from her resident dog walkers and pups.

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A post shared by Katie’s Kennel (@katies.kennel)

Fiction Donuts

Get your followers involved! Fiction Donuts does a great job on engaging their audience with questions and prompts that will start a conversation and get people excited. Contests like this one are a great way to build community and how fun would it be to have your book selected for the wall? (Now that would make us customers for LIFE).

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A post shared by Fiction Donuts (@fictiondonuts)

Sunday Supply Co.

Sunday Supply Co. isn’t afraid to try their hand at Reels and you shouldn’t be either! We’ve seen so many accounts acquire higher levels of engagement on their Reels (IG loves when you use their features!) and they can be a great way to diversify your content. Show off your styling expertise like Sunday Supply Co. to feature new arrivals.

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A post shared by Sunday Supply Co. (@sundaysupply)

Souk and Soul

When you’re a local business owner, it’s so important to show your face on your feed every so often to remind people of the human they are supporting with every dollar, comment, DM, or referral they give. Felicia, the owner of Souk and Soul is a pro at taking her followers behind-the-scenes of her process to curate the best collection of artisanal goods.

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A post shared by Souk and Soul (@soukandsoul)

Hot Cakes

Collaboration over competition all day every day over here at Love Local. If you’ve got vendors to share like Hot Cakes, then showcase them! We love how Hot Cakes not only tagged the vendors but also went a step further by giving an example of how their products pair with others. Win win!

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A post shared by Hot Cakes (@getyourhotcakes)

Great Bagel Bakery

Covid has impacted so many business owners but especially local business owners. The way you speak to your audience on Instagram (and any digital platform) matters. Great Bagel Bakery got it right. A concise post that gives the information needed, delivered in an approachable, authentically human way.

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A post shared by Great Bagel & Bakery (@greatbagel)

Black Sheep Café

Beautiful product photography is not an absolute must to succeed on Instagram. But when you’ve got it, flaunt it. Just take a look at Black Sheep Cafe and their enviable feed populated with both humans (key to connect with your audience!) and mouth-watering plates of food.

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A post shared by Black Sheep Café (@provoblacksheep)

Hey Sugar

Sometimes it’s not about doing one big splashy thing, it’s about doing a hundred little things right. Hey Sugar is that brand. They consistently post to their feed with a healthy dose of variety. They feature different products, share business updates, introduce their team, and let people in on a day at Hey Sugar. All these little touch points add up to make every new follower feel welcomed + educated about their brand.

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A post shared by Hey Sugar (@heysugarwestmi)

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If you want people to visit your local business and post about it on Instagram, give them a reason to pull out their phone! Hinge has made it quite impossible to visit without snapping a photo of their perfectly styled windows or table displays.

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A post shared by Hinge (@hingeon5th)

Downbound Books

Downbound Books has a product that lends itself naturally to literary puns and you bet they’re going to use them. Language aside, though, this local business is a brand with a distinct voice and perspective that shines through in their stories and posts.

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A post shared by Downbound Books (@downboundbooks)

The Tiny Bloom

We’re always big fans of bright colors and gorgeous florals so naturally The Tiny Bloom caught our eye but they kept us scrolling their feed with a variety of photos from styled shoots, an introduction to a new teammate, and updates on their community involvement. If you’ve haven’t gotten the hint yet, brands with a strong Instagram presence aren’t a one hit wonder. They’ve got variety and a lot of it.

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A post shared by The Tiny Bloom (@thetinybloom)

Humboldt House

Humboldt House, like many product-based brands, often have new arrivals which they make sure to feature on Instagram through posts with multiple images and Stories. This is what makes the difference between a brand that only occasionally posts about new products and one that’s always on the top of their game.

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A post shared by Humboldt House (@humboldthouse)


Instagram was born to connect people to people and sometimes all it takes is an ounce of vulnerability to open up the floodgates. Magpies balances posts about their shop with heartfelt prose digging deep into the highs and lows of owning your own business.

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A post shared by magpies®️ (@magpiesnashville)

Parsons North Brewing Company

It’s one thing to post about your product and call out it’s name (so people can easily search or ask for it later!) but it’s another level when you aren’t afraid to flex your expertise with details and product pairings like Parsons North Brewing Company.

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A post shared by Parsons North Brewing Company (@parsons_north)


392Caffe never misses a chance to connect with their customers and are constantly re-sharing posts. Another Instagram secret 392 is doing right? Giveaways!

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A post shared by 392Caffe | Davenport (@392dport)

Plant Shoppe

Local businesses don’t operate in isolation. To build community and loyalty within the confines of your own city, you actually have to show up for the city, just like Plant Shoppe does. The more you invest in your people, the more invested they will be in you.

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A post shared by Plant Shoppe (@plantshoppe)

Perenn Bakery

Sometimes less really is more, especially with product-based businesses. Perenn Bakery has built a feed where the most important thing consistently stands out: their food. The bright images and expertly styled layouts popped on our phones and had us craving allllll the bread.

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A post shared by Perenn Bakery (@perennbakery)

The Chute

A beautiful feed doesn’t guarantee you a sale. Local businesses like The Chute are continually innovating and finding new ways to connect with their customers and take their momentum from the app to a place to other profit-generating places like a website, a blog or in-store visit.

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A post shared by The Chute (@shopthechute)

As we’re sure you’ve seen from this post, there are a wide variety of ways to build a strong Instagram presence. And we just scratched the surface. The potential that lies within Instagram for local business owners is unbelievable but so many just don’t know it exists.

Or they know it’s there but can’t figure out how to make it work for their brand. That’s a problem we can help with. We created a training designed for local business owners to discover three mistakes they might be making and where they can shift to eliminate the overwhelm in their business. Sign up for FREE here!


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