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20 Service-Based Local Businesses Doing Something Right on Instagram

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: Instagram is one of the places we recommend local business owners show up to start gaining momentum. The ability to connect with your followers, collaborate with other local business owners, and integrate yourself into the community is all right there. You just have to leverage it.

We wrote a blog post sharing product-based businesses killing it on Instagram and knew we had to come back with another one, this time focusing on service-based businesses.

These brands were chosen for a variety of reasons. You might see brands with big or small follower counts or lots of Reels or curated photos. Please know that you don’t have to do everything you see these brands doing. They aren’t. They are honing in on their strengths and making the most of them on Instagram. This blog post is meant to inspire you to hopefully see the potential for your own service-based business.

(P.S. If you’re looking for more of our take on Instagram, head to our blog post Everything You Need to Know About Instagram: For Local Business Owners).

Okay let’s break down the brands. 

1. Oakstone Homes

We had to start out with a bang from our home state of Iowa and Oakstone Homes does not disappoint. Beautiful photos will draw you in but their level of engagement will keep you coming back. This brand replies to comments, tags where things are from in images, AND consistently shows up on Instagram Stories with Q&A sessions and home progress updates. Oakstone Homes gets that customer service starts with social media.

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A post shared by Oakstone Homes (@oakstonehomesiowa)

2. Soul Full When you come across a brand on IG, you quickly gain an overall impression by the photos, the copy, and the Stories. As a brand, you want that experience to be a cohesive one and hope that it emulates the experience you’re trying to create.

Soul Full, a salon and spa, nails this. Their aesthetic is soothing with informative yet approachable posts that aim to nurture. You want your customers to truly know who you are before stepping into your space, and Soul Full’s got it.

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A post shared by soul full (

3. Ozari

Posting on the grid is half the battle but Instagram Stories matter just as much, if not more. Ozari does a great job of consistently posting to their stories and using their platform as a place to lift up other local businesses. We know that sharing the love always results in a better environment for all businesses to operate.

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A post shared by OZARI (@ozarinashville)

4. Tick Tock Concierge

We tell our students and clients to show up on their Instagram and show their faces because people (and the algorithm!) love to see the humans behind the brand. Tick Tock Concierge is doing this well. The owner, Kara, shows her face and shares her heart in both her posts and her Stories. You know the human behind her brand and it makes you that much more interested in her services. 

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A post shared by Tick Tock Concierge (@ticktockconcierge)

5. Michelle Norwood Events

Michelle Norwood Events is who you should look to if you’re hoping to start writing more thoughtful, educational and inspirational captions. Every post offers either an inside look into something that’s on owner Michelle’s mind or a valuable tip for her ideal customers like a cocktail recipe or a deep dive on the practice of veiling. When you lead with intention and an open heart, your clients will love you as much as Michelle’s clients love her.

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A post shared by Michelle Norwood (@michellenorwoodevents)

6. Sköll Axe Throwing

You know your business better than anyone. Sometimes it feels like you’re repeating yourself, “Do I really have to tell them my Friday hours?” No, of course you don’t have to. But it’s a great nudge to help your audience think of your brand. Sköll Axe Throwing knows that when their customers are scrolling IG and see they’ve got open hours on Thursday, then might think, “oh, what am I doing Thursday? Maybe I could get a group of friends together.

These little nudges on social media serve as reminders and opportunities for your customers to think of your brand and decide to spend $ and time with you.

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A post shared by Sköll Axe Throwing (@skollaxethrowing)

7. The SoCal Standard

If your business has a variety of ways people can invest in it, make sure you’re sharing it! The owner of The SoCal Standard, Erica, better known as Gem, is a pro at sharing all aspects of her business on Instagram. She’s a photographer based in San Diego but she also sells presets, offers mentor sessions, and hosts monthly “style and shoots”! She expertly weaves all these different offerings into how she shows up both in her posts and stories along with sharing her personal life too.

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A post shared by GEM ✨ SoCal Photographer (@socal.standard)

8. Hotel June

One of the best ideas service and product based business can do on Instagram is source images from their customers. ALWAYS ask permission to use and obtain the original image from the creator (making sure to tag them in both the caption and the image). Hotel June does an excellent job of mixing their own images with those of their visitors and it makes for a beautiful feed but also serves as a way of building trust by pointing to other people who have trusted their brand.

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A post shared by Hotel June (@thehoteljune)

9. The Things We Do

Value, value, value - it’s all about the value. One glance through medspa The Things We Do’s feed and you’ll realize that they take education seriously. They provide their followers with regular content that educates like “best face masks for acne” or “treatments while pregnant”. This attention to detail, coupled with artistic graphic design make this service-based brand stand out amidst the crowd.

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A post shared by The Things We Do (

10. Pressed Roots

Use those features Instagram gave you! Pressed Roots excels at making the most of the features Instagram has to offer. From Reels to IGTV’s, Stories, and even the little things like adding hashtags, Pressed Roots is making sure to get the most mileage from every post. Their feed is fun but they also make sure to showcase their services and highlight their customers at every turn.

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A post shared by Pressed Roots (@_pressedroots)

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11. Lea Lester Counseling + Wellness

We tell our clients and students this all the time, but it’s because it’s so important: insert yourself into your business. Owner Lea of Lea Lester Counseling + Wellness doesn’t shy away from showing her face or sharing her own story on her Instagram business page.

Her account sings with authenticity because she is on her Stories sharing about her experiences or showing up in her feed with a story that her audience can learn from. Service-based businesses, especially those in the healthcare space, differentiate themselves best when they are personally showing up on the Gram, like Lea.

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A post shared by Lea L, Therapist|Speaker|Yogi (@feelwithlea)

12. Prim Living

When you have a service-based business, often you have completed projects. Once you wrap up the final tasks and say goodbye to a client you worked with, you move on. But if that’s it, you’re missing a major opportunity to capitalize on current projects to drive future ones.

Owner of Prim Living, Meredith, makes sure to document in progress and complete shots of projects and shares more details about them on Instagram. New clients get to see real proof of Meredith’s expertise and build further connection with her by watching her daily Instagram Stories. Show your expertise and develop the connection to ensure you are the service clients won’t hesitate to book.

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A post shared by Meredith Goforth Triscott (

13. W Design Collective

If you’ve been following us for long, you know we recommend adding CTA’s (Call to Action) to your posts. This helps keep people engaged and interested in investigating your brand further.

The W Design Collective is a pro at this and regularly points their audience to their website for finished projects in the captions or will post a IGTV teasing a new blog post. These small content reminders add up for big impact with leads and follower growth.

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A post shared by W Design Collective (@wdesigncollective)

14. Dr. Bilbeisi with Cedar Ridge Dentistry

You might think dental care can’t be fun on Instagram but that’s because you haven’t met Dr. Bilbeisi. Owner of Cedar Ridge Dentistry, she’s a Reels master and incorporates fun trends into her content strategy.

She’s honest, witty, and approachable, which makes her stand out in a saturated market. When your service is in an industry that can be intimidating for some, it’s your job to make your Instagram presence as welcoming as possible. And Dr. Bilbeisi is an excellent model of someone who knows how to roll out the welcome mat.

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A post shared by Ayah Bilbeisi, DDS (@dr.bilbeisi)

15. Biscuits and Berries Catering

When you’re a service-based brand testimonials are so important, dare we say even more important than for product-based businesses. Someone is calling on you to help them accomplish a task they can’t do on their own and there’s a lot of trust involved in that. A great way to build up that trust is by sharing reviews that you receive on your Instagram.

Biscuits and Berries Catering does a fantastic job of curating reviews and displaying them in well-designed graphics that highlight their team and illustrate a high level of service they could provide to their followers. The rest of their Instagram feed and Stories further paints the picture of what it looks like to hire Biscuits and Berries Catering. Hint: It looks pretty dang delicious.

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A post shared by Biscuits and Berries Catering (@biscuitsandberries)

16. Housecall Hydration

The best feeds are always a mix of things. They offer educational content with graphics or share behind-the-scenes photos and make sure to incorporate the team in there too. Housecall Hydration has a well planned feed that ensures educational posts are going out while also leaving room for spontaneity like photos of patients or a story supporting other local business owners.

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A post shared by Housecall Hydration (@housecallhydrationjh)

17. One Love Doula Services

Another key aspect of service-based business success on Instagram is introducing yourself and your team consistently. Especially with something as intimate as the pregnancy journey can be, you want to trust the people you’re receiving a service from. One Love Doula Services regularly shows their team in Stories and in-feed posts to help new and old followers continue to get to know the people behind the brand. By showing up on the Gram, this brand is naturally building new relationships with potential customers or future referrers.

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A post shared by Tampa Doula Team|Doula Mentor (@onelovedoulaservices)

18. Yoga Inspired

Collaboration is such a fun part of business ownership and brands like Yoga Inspired are making sure to take full advantage of every tool Instagram has to offer when it comes to promotion. They tag yogis in their posts and re-post stories of upcoming event guests.

They make sure to update their links with new events or classes coming up. Consistency in the details will make your brand a more established presence in the community and can only further help you make the impact you desire.

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A post shared by Yoga Inspired (@yogainspiredraleigh)

19. White Barn Inn Auberge Resorts

When you’re a service-based brand, one of the most important things you can do on Instagram is convey the experience you provide. White Barn Inn Auberge Resorts expertly uses Instagram Stories to re-post their guest experience.

They also do a fantastic job at utilizing locals or visitors to promote their brand by having them stay and post about it on their own Instagram. These small snippets add up to a collective experience that can be saved in Highlights and then referenced (and looked at with awe) by new visitors.

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A post shared by White Barn Inn Auberge Resorts (@whitebarninn)

20. MY Play Cafe

At the end of the day people are going to connect with you most when you share stories, introduce real customers and let them get to know you. Local businesses like MY Play Café are continually finding new ways to engage their customers. Their Instagram Stories and Feed act as a way to unfold their story and invite others to join it. When you invite others to your brand by first sharing who you are, your followers will be that much more likely to trust and possibly even purchase from you.

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A post shared by MY Play Café (@myplaycafe)

That's It!

If you’ve learned anything from this post, we hope it’s that there’s an astounding amount of potential for service-based business owners on Instagram. Even without always having a tangible product to sell, you can still show up here and make authentic connections and drive revenue.

But this is just the beginning. There are so many other avenues to explore on Instagram (and local business in general) and we can’t wait to explore them with you! We created a FREE training designed for local business owners who want to learn how to generate consistent sales for their local businesses WITHOUT a complicated or expensive marketing strategy. Claim your seat here!


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