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5 Steps to Set Up Instagram Shopping For Your Local Business

If you are a local merchant or maker selling goods in your community, this may be your sign to get your Instagram shop up and running in time for holiday shopping.

Many of your potential and current customers are eager to support your local company, but they're looking for an easier, faster way to do it. Enter: Instagram shopping.

We're going to break everything down for you step by step so you have zero excuses to getting up and running. You down? Let's do this.

1. Ensure you are eligible to sell on Instagram

You must operate in a specific market, have eligible products to sell, be compliant with Instagram's agreements, and have a website you can sell your products from.

Once you have some of those business items buttoned up to ensure you are even in the right country, you need to ensure your account on Instagram is ready for potential buyers.

2. Switch to a Business Account

Most of you reading this likely have a business account at this point, but if you're still operating as a person on Instagram, it's time to change things up and become a business.

You can add great info with a business account and you get access to incredible data that can help drive decisions for your company. We teach all that and more inside Local Business School.

3. Connect to a Facebook Page

Remember when Facebook bought Instagram for a gazillion dollars and then they started making you do things the Facebook way?

Well, this is one of those moments. Your Instagram page must be linked to Facebook so you can do step #4.

4. Build your product catalog

This is where I foresee most people starting to fade. 🙃 Here's the deal: you need to get the products uploaded into a virtual catalog so your customers can tap & buy as many items as you have available to them.

Here's the great news. It's 2021 which means there are fantastic integrations available if you have Shopify or other larger e-comm companies.

Be sure you have a business manager set up inside Facebook so you can get that catalog set up! Here's how you do it.

Once that's set up go to Commerce Manager and manually set up your catalog or get it integrated with your e-commerce shop. Once this is complete, it's time to get back into your Instagram app and tell Instagram you are ready for shopping.

Simply go to Settings > Sign up for shopping. Word on the street is that this can take a few days to get approved so hang tight as you wait. When you get the green light...

5. Start selling on Instagram

Go to Settings > Business > Shopping and the catalog you built should be right there and ready for ya.

Your followers will be so excited to see your products right in front of them after they binge watch Squid Games and can't sleep because it was SO GOOD and voila, they stumble upon your items.

If you get stuck, message us over on IG @love.local to see if we can help! It's hard to pin down an Instagram HQ person so we can do our best to see if we can navigate it from afar.

Ready to get more new & repeat customers using local marketing strategies? Join us inside Local Business School!


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