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6 Reasons Why We Love Canva

In the wave of this modern marketing era, visual content reigns supreme. Videos, images, and graphics are a surefire way to draw in your ideal customers and get them excited about who you are and what you're building. It's easy to share a photo you snapped or a video you took but graphics? Those can be a little harder, especially if you're not an Adobe products wizard. Enter our best friend: Canva.

Canva entered our lives and we never looked back. You've probably heard of this fantastic creative tool, but if not, let us share the gist. Canva allows you to create customized graphics and images with their user-friendly software that's completely FREE. We upgraded to the pro version (so worth it) but we love how accessible this tool is for local business owners who are operating on thin margins.

And if that doesn't convince you, here are three more reasons why Canva is a local business owner's best value add. 

1. It’s perfect for beginners.

Do you want to create designs for your own business, but don’t have the skillset for Adobe Products? Programs like Photoshop, InDesign, and Illustrator can be overwhelming for someone new to graphic design, especially if you don’t have the time and energy to learn how to use them. Canva is the perfect tool for someone who wants to learn how to create a variety of graphics quickly. Some assets you can create on Canva might be logos, business cards, Instagram posts, Instagram stories, blog content, videos, presentations, menus, and more.

2. It helps your brand maintain its aesthetic.

While not the sole reason someone will choose to shop with your brand, your social media and website aesthetic still hold weight in the eyes of many customers today. And it's one of the first things they'll notice, especially on Instagram. If your feed is all over the place, with no cohesive elements, people might become confused by your brand. A seed as simple as this can sow doubt among prospective customers. But Canva allows you to keep track of a specific brand palette, fonts, logos and patterns with their brand kit. This way your graphics stay cohesive no matter what you use them for. 

3. Visual content is powerful.

A mix of graphics and images typically resonate well with a local audience. And when you have more interesting and meaningful content, your followers are more likely to engage with you and follow through on your CTA's (Call to Action). The visuals on your page should draw people in and lead them to interact with you in some way (like, follow, comment, dm, visit a website, schedule an appointment, etc.). Social media can have a big impact on consumers by building up relationships and nurturing them on their journey to potentially becoming a buyer.

Canva Features We Love:

1. Templates

Canva has over 400,000 templates, so if you've got an idea, we bet they have a template for it! They make your graphics look more professional and put together, without you putting in a lot of effort. These are two examples of graphics we’ve created with the templates on Canva!


2. Brand Kit

Another feature we love that we've already mentioned once is the brand kit! This is a Pro feature but this alone is so worth the cost. You can upload your logos and choose the colors and fonts for your brand. Then once you're designing you can quickly refer to these colors, fonts, and images quickly, making creating efficient. Here is an example of a logo we uploaded to Canva and our brand colors!

3. Background Remover

We seriously LOVE the background remover because it’s so easy to use. All you have to do is choose what photo you want to remove the background of, and with a click of the button (found in "effects") it does it all for you. It’s so much easier than using Photoshop. If you’ve used Photoshop before to cut out a background, you know the struggle! Here are two examples of graphics we’ve created using the background remover. 


Canva is just one place we recommend local business owners spend a little time to reap the rewards for their brand. But we've got more where that came from.

Whether you're in dream mode or just about to open the doors, we've got a checklist that'll make sure you're showing up in all the right places for people to find you, buy from you, and come back for more! This FREE checklist is built specifically for local business owners to ensure you're thinking about all the elements essential for local business growth. 

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