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Why Ambassadors Are the Secret Sauce for Local Businesses

When I was growing a local networking group in Des Moines, I relied heavily on others getting the word out.

I wasn’t sitting around creating a bunch of blogs, social media posts, and emails to tell people how awesome this group was and how they should join it.

I was equipping, mobilizing, and incentivizing OTHERS to! And the group went from 5 people to 500 in a year.

It’s the difference between a business putting a billboard up or a print ad with YOU telling US how great your business is.

When you flip the script and do it the way I did, it’s OTHERS telling YOU how great your business is.

What do you trust more? A television ad promoting a new restaurant or your friend raving about the meal they had and highly recommending you and your family try it next time they’re in town.

What’s more credible? What message do you trust more?

I certainly find that I learn about local businesses, events, projects, and everything in-between based on who I am friends with on Facebook or who I follow on Instagram. I’m constantly seeing new Facebook Events or articles posted in newsfeeds and making real-time decisions about my time, money, and energy.

This is why ambassadors for your local business are the secret sauce to you growing your visibility, foot traffic, and sales exponentially.

When you build a program that supports your biggest fans with juicy incentives, you better believe they will talk about you! 

Imagine having an ambassador program that asked 10 of your most loyal customers to post about their favorite product you offer.

If those individuals collectively have 25,000 friends and followers who trust them, read their posts, and take action based on their opinions… what could happen to your brand? I will take someone else posting about me any day over creating my own social media content.

Ok now imagine 50 ambassadors doing this for you (because they love you and your products) with 100,000 friends and followers all because you offered a $250 product credit giveaway to TWO people who post by a certain deadline.

How would that impact your brand visibility? 

We get so stuck thinking we have to get the perfect shot of our retail space or share the newest service we offer, but you guys, think about how you can leverage your biggest fans instead.

I've built an online program that will help you launch this with ease. Because it does take organization, strategy, and some best practices to nail this! And I want you to have the most successful ambassador program in your community because it means more people are shopping locally and YOU are experiencing the success you imagine (and deserve).

You can enroll in the program right here.

If you’re not moving the needle in the way you desire for your business, get on the list friends. This is a program unlike anything offered on the market because it’s designed for the local business owner… YOU.

Let’s do this.


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