Doesn’t it feel amazing when someone who shops with you once decides to do it again…and again?

And tell everyone they know about you? 🤩

 Let's make it happen on the regular with The Come Back Again Method, a quick (think 1 hour!) lesson & template bundle that'll help you create and keep repeat customers by investing in the amazing community of buyers you already have.


What if you never had to spend precious time and dollars selling to new customers?

What if you knew you could count on customers a schedule of booked appointments or a steady stream of customers coming back to your store?

What if selling didn't feel icky? What if it was streamlined, profitable, and painless?

It's time to stop spinning your wheels researching page after page of Google results looking for ideas that'll bring you more customers or spending cash on ads that aren't converting. After this training you'll have built a consistent and loyal customer base with people who come back again and again AND refer friends and family.

You know you need customers but you don’t have time to be selling every second.

You don’t have extra funds to spend on elaborate marketing campaigns and ads.

You’re tired of worrying about whether or not you’ll be able to keep your revenue consistent and keep your customers happy.

What if I told you there was a way to ensure you had a consistent flow of customers (and profit!) AND allow you more time to focus on your business rather than trying to make the sale to someone new?

That’s exactly why I created the Come Back Again Method. We wanted to help you maintain a reliable customer base so you can get back to the reason you started your business in the first place.

If you're ready to turn occasional customers into frequent buyers, click the button below.


This is a program that will help you turn the locals of your city into loyal lovers of your brand, who come back to your store again and again AND become your best referrals.

After going through the Come Back Again Method you'll:

  • Have a strong brand experience and understand three places you should be making a positive first impression on new customers
  • Have an organized customer information spreadsheet that you can leverage to generate revenue and happy customers
  • Know how to connect with your customers through authentic social media and email marketing strategies with access to 100 post prompts that will make sure you never run out of things to talk about
  • Know how to empower your VIP customers to stay your top customers and become your best referrers (essentially doing your marketing for you!)
  • Be able to *wow* your customers and guarantee future business 

I'm Emily Steele.

I am a creative and strategic brand builder on a mission to support the local business community. I'm the owner and founder of Love Local, a company dedicated to helping local businesses everywhere create irresistible brands + experiences.

I have built two six-figure companies in less than two years, grew a local membership community from 5 to 500 in one year, and launched a nonprofit cause that has allowed hundreds of individuals access to education, jobs, and clean water in Ghana.

I love growing brands and solving problems and my mission in business and life is to ensure local economies and communities thrive.

Grab the Come Back Again Method to get:

5 Day Plan... create and keep repeat customers

First Impression Checklist... ensure your customers want to come back again and again

Tracking Tips... help you learn your customer’s interests and behaviors and lean into what you find

Social Media & Email Marketing Strategies...

...we use and recommend to clients & students to authentically connect and build customer relationships

VIP Customer Plan... attract and mobilize your best customers to talk about your brand with their friends and followers

WOW Techniques... nurture and grow your connections with your current and future customers

Eva H.


As a small business owner always trying to serve the local community in an engaging way, I absolutely love all of the tips and info Love Local and Emily provide. It's always useful and something I can actually put into action right away! Thanks for uplifting businesses and helping us serve our clients at the next level.

Mallory R.


If you are a business owner that needs tangible steps to grow and reach your clientele best, Love Local is seriously for you. My business (and me as a business-owner) benefited a great deal from working with Emily! Whatever you spend will be received back ten-fold from the resources and perspectives you will gain. Run, don't walk, and dive in with Love Local!

Is it really only $27?!?


The value inside, though, is ten times that amount, especially considering how much revenue it can help YOU generate.

We chose to price this training affordably because we wanted to make it accessible. We've talked to so many business owners who are struggling to keep their business afloat, and we knew we needed to offer a strategy to help them right now.

This price means you can grab the Come Back Again Method and get started today instead of holding off until tomorrow. The sooner you get started the sooner you’ll be able to create a sustainable income with the customers you already have!

   This method works well for so many different types of local businesses. If you're ready to focus on your customers in a creative, strategic way and implement what's inside, you're going to get results.

Brick + Mortar

Foot traffic is a huge part of your business when you rent or own an actual space. But the pandemic has shown just how difficult it can be for new customers to simply stumble across your store. The Come Back Again Method can be the innovative system you need to stop wishing new customers would stop by and instead build reliable income with the customers you already have.

Service-Based Businesses

The customer experience is crucial for any service-based business. Whether you’re an interior designer, hair stylist, or electrician you know your customer service can make or break your business. The Come Back Again Method is designed to be a simple way to ensure every point in your customer journey is the best it can be. No more worrying about how to attract new clients when your current ones become your best referrers!

Any Local Business Owner

Every local business owner knows how little time there seems to be in a day. You’re running around trying to juggle admin tasks while also running your business. The Come Back Again Method can help you automate where necessary, fill the gaps in your customer experience you’ve been meaning to get to and ensure a steady stream of income is coming through your door.


You heard it here first...

Ever see those brands in your community thriving and wonder what they’re doing?

You follow them on Instagram, scour their website, even check out their Facebook page. You’re stumped… what are you missing?

Here’s my hunch: Successful brands are wholeheartedly invested in their customers. Customers are your lifeblood and in a local market investing in them is one of the smartest things you can do.


We are constantly telling our friends, family, social media followers, neighbors, and coworkers “what we’re up to” and if we have an awesome brand experience, we talk about it.

Local communities THRIVE on word of mouth. But how do you build that up? 🤔

Enter the Come Back Again Method. 

If you're ready to...

⭐️ Nail your first impression with a customer (with copy you can swipe!)

⭐️ Know what customer information you MUST track and HOW to do it

⭐️ Engage effectively with your customer post purchase (using my two FAVORITE platforms)

⭐️ Surprise and delight your BEST customers so they become brand advocates and do your marketing FOR you

...then you're ready to become a CBA student.

The Come Back Again Method