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Let's Grow Together

Growth takes time. That's a fact.

But you can accelerate your growth with the right education and support from others. We're here to provide it all.

We want to support you on your journey to building a profitable and amazing local business through resources that can help solve problems and create opportunities for you.

"If you are a business owner that needs tangible steps to grow and reach your clientele best, Love Local is seriously for you. My business (and me as a business-owner) benefited a great deal from working with Emily! Whatever you spend will be received back ten-fold from the resources and perspectives you will gain. Run, don't walk, and dive in with Love Local!"


-Mallory R.


Walk step-by-step through everything you need to know, do, and don't do for your next wildly profitable launch.

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Build your very own ambassador program to create authentic promotion for your local business.

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Tackle all things Instagram. Optimize your profile, create the right content for your business, understand your insights and data, and learn how to show up confidently on the app.

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Keep your customers coming back again and again with this method that'll teach you how to turn strangers into repeat customers.

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ambassador activation

This online course has every tool and training you need to get your ambassador or VIP group off the ground almost immediately.

If you follow step by step through the lessons, you will have 10 to 100 to 1000 ambassadors who are ready to mobilize your message for amazing rewards. Let's have fun!

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illuminate on instagram

Our step-by-step program will teach you all the essentials you need to grow a locally-based brand using Instagram.

You'll learn how to make your profile stand out, craft a buyer's journey, understand & leverage your analytics, utilize "local growth essentials" to accelerate your brand's visibility, and create content that'll resonate with your customer. Combine it all together in the Strategy Module to create a repeatable plan you can rely on (no more feeling behind or overwhelmed by your social media!).

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come back again method

Stop chasing new customers and nurture your current ones (which will bring in new ones naturally!) The Come Back Again Method is your ticket to consistent business growth.

Follow a 5 Day Plan to learn and implement a First Impressions Checklist, Tracking Tips, Social Media & Email Marketing Strategies we use with our Love Local clients, a VIP Customer Plan and WOW Techniques to nurture and grow your connections with your current and future customers.

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profitable local launch

Make your next launch your best one yet. This 90 minute workshop is your ticket to map out a strategic, comprehensive plan that covers everything you need to prepare for the success of your next launch.

Inside you'll find a 20+ page workbook and a training with Emily that'll help you get clarity on your offer, plan your content strategy, go live, and audit your launch.

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100 Prompts for Instagram Stories

Never worry about what to post on Instagram Stories again! These 100 prompts span 10 different categories and are specifically designed for LOCAL business owners.

Find prompts in categories like:

  • Education
  • Share a Post From...
  • Behind-The-Scenes of Your Business
  • Instagram Story Graphics to Create
  • and more!
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100 Social Media Prompts

Consider these prompts your ticket for inspiration the next time you're struggling to write a social media post. These 100 prompts span a variety of categories and are specifically designed for LOCAL business owners.

Find prompts in categories like:

  • Share Your Favorites
  • Share Your Community
  • Share Your Products/Services
  • and more!

Plus you'll also gain access to social media tips and tricks like social media profile optimization and direct message strategies.

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Need more than a one-off workshop? We've got you! Local Business School is the most comprehensive program available for local business owners to build an online presence that generates consistent sales and prepare for long-term growth. Learn more about our 4-step process that has helped our clients and students 2-5x their revenue consistently.

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