Have you been struggling to build momentum on Instagram?

You know Instagram can be a powerful tool for your local business, but every time you open the app you feel lost (or distracted).

You're not seeing the growth you desire and your presence isn't necessarily translating into new or repeat business. You *really* want Instagram to work for you, but you're starting to feel like maybe it won't work for your industry or maybe you don't have what it takes to make it a profitable marketing tool.

Listen up. You are NOT alone. But it is not time to throw in the towel!

Instagram is one of the best tools available for local business owners and you can join the ranks of other local brands in your community using Instagram effectively to grow an audience, become a known and loved local brand, and generate consistent sales.

I want to get really real with you for a sec.

I've been building local brands for over a decade.

What started as a fun hobby called POP UP YOGA DSM scratched my entrepreneurial itch and led me to creating more local businesses and projects.

I became really good at it. Like, really good.

My events were selling out. My programs were filling up. I was getting featured in business publications, winning awards, and regularly receiving inquiries to pick my brain or pay for consults.

The last struggling brand I took over was a local membership community for women in business. It had five members at the time, which I grew to 500. In one year (it was wild)!

I had a very specific way of cultivating community, growing these businesses, and creating success... so I packaged it up and started selling my services. In just 3 months, I had a 6-figure agency. I was 29.

I've worked with small nonprofits, large music festivals, established brands, and new businesses.

After hundreds of audits, clients, students, and consults... I know for certain that one of the most powerful tools on the internet right now to grow a local business is Instagram®.

And here's the thing...

You can outsource Instagram® to a freelancer or an agency like ours, but you'll get the most traction when you (yes you!) are also actively involved with the app.

I created Illuminate on Instagram because I genuinely want you to use the app to build the business you desire.

I don't want you to have to try and copy competitors, use tactics you see others doing like the follow/unfollow thing, read lengthy blog posts from people who have never owned a local business telling you how to use Instagram, or open the app and feel nothing but overwhelm.

It's taken me months to build this course to a point where I know in just a few weeks you can feel excited and confident about using Instagram to generate new and repeat business.

Our step-by-step program will teach you the essentials for growing a locally-based brand using Instagram!

Let Me Debunk Some Myths Quick For Ya While You're Here

10K Followers Means I Will "Make It!"

It's not that black and white on Instagram. A large following doesn't mean you're necessarily raking in the dough. It certainly can, but it's typically a vanity metric and not something to base your value or success upon. 

I Need a TON of Likes and Comments

Likes and comments give us more information to see what our audience is enjoying but it's not THE metric you need to rely on (just like follower count) to deeply understand your ideal customers and how to woo 'em in to generate new business.

There's a Content
Mix I Need
to Grow

The belief that you need to have the *perfect* cocktail of content is an outdated approach. Today, users are looking for brands to engage with, align with in values, and connect meaningfully with. No complex calendar needed!

Will this work for me?

Our students are real estate agents, retail boutique owners, jewelers, public speaking coaches, nonprofit directors, photographers, chiropractors and so much more.

If you're a local business owner who is ready to commit the time to learning (and implementing) exactly what works to grow your audience and increase your revenue, then this is for you.

Just like a gym membership, this won't work unless you're willing to show up. :)


Hi, I'm Emily Steele!

I am a creative and strategic brand builder on a mission to support the local business community. I'm the owner and founder of Love Local, a company dedicated to helping local businesses everywhere create irresistible brands + experiences.

I have built two six-figure companies in less than two years, grew a local membership community from 5 to 500 in one year, and launched a nonprofit cause that has allowed hundreds of individuals access to education, jobs, and clean water in Ghana.

I love growing brands and solving problems and my mission in business and life is to ensure local economies and communities thrive.


Let's dive in! Here are all the modules and what's inside.


To ensure Instagram works for you, you gotta get the basics down so when people visit you, they know your brand and offer was made for them!

  • Hone in on your customer avatar
  • Make your profile stand out
  • Build your highlights
  • Create one clear CTA using link in bio

Getting clear on how someone goes from complete stranger to totally in love with your brand and shouting it on social and IRL will clarify EXACTLY what to create in your custom strategy.

  • Clarify your core offering
  • Map out the know, like, trust process
  • Understand why people buy from you
  • Explore key problems your local business solves

The insights Instagram provides to users is incredibly valuable. By diving deep into your insights, you'll be able to see what content resonates, what gets shared, and how to amplify what's working.

  • Learn how to make content decisions from post insights
  • Create polls & questions for your audience in Stories
  • Research hashtags that will work for your brand

This module is what differentiates this course from any other Instagram program available. We'll teach you what to consider in a local market to boost visibility, engagement, and sales.

  • Learn the secrets on how to get your content shared
  • Generate repeat business with our IG Follow-Up Framework
  • Discover how elevating others can increase your own visibility & sales
  • Get started with Instagram Guides to promote yourself and others

With a deep understanding of your ideal customer, why they buy, how to use data to make decisions, and the essentials for the Gram, it's time to build your own strategy (with our support!).

  • Build a custom strategy designed to attract your ideal customer
  • Get an honest review of your strategy by our team
  • Start implementing your strategy with confidence

You can have the most amazing strategy ever, but if you don't implement it consistently, you won't find the momentum you desire. Time to crush your content!

  • Learn how to write captions and content that converts
  • Create or find images that align with your brand
  • Discover a storytelling framework to draw in your people
Mallory R.

"If you are a business owner that needs tangible steps to grow and reach your clientele best, Love Local is seriously for you. My business (and me as a business-owner) benefited a great deal from working with Emily! Whatever you spend will be received back ten-fold from the resources and perspectives you will gain. Run, don't walk, and dive in with love local!"

Jackie S.

"Emily & her team really know how to make small business goals and turn them into actionable, results-driven outcomes. Small business owners can be confident in taking the marketing part of owning a business to Love Local!"

Abbie S.

"I got to consult with Emily one-on-one and found great value in her insights. Not only could she offer nitty-gritty tatics, she asked big picture questions to help reframe my thinking entirely. Thank you, Emily!"

How It Works When You Join

When you join you'll get immediate access to the course and all of the content. You'll have access to this course for life! We will actively be adding, editing, and revising content so it's always relevant for you. 

When you enroll in Illuminate on Instagram, you'll get an amazing bonus!

100 Prompts for Instagram Stories 

($47 Value)

While we help you build your very own strategy, you'll definitely have a few moments where you need some inspiration for Instagram Stories. We've got you.

Illuminate on Instagram


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  • Video Trainings
  • Templates, checklists, worksheets
  • Updates from our team with the most relevant IG info
  • BONUS: 100 Prompts for Instagram Stories