Ready to Get Your Local Business Off the Ground?


Whether you're in dream mode or just about to open the doors, this checklist will help you ensure you're showing up in all the right places for people to find you, buy from you, and come back for more!


Most advice for starting a local business only scratches the surface.

Yes, you need a LLC. Yes, you should consider hiring a bookkeeper and finding a tax accountant.

But we're here to help prepare you for what comes next. We want to help you be as ready as possible for what happens when people find you, buy from you, and absolutely rave about you to their friends, coworkers, neighbors, and digital community.

Make sure your digital home is ready for visitors.

The Ultimate Checklist for Local Business Owners will ensure you're thinking about all the elements essential for local business growth. 

No fluff in here. 

take me to the checklist!

I'm Emily Steele.

I am a creative and strategic brand builder on a mission to support the local business community. I'm the owner and founder of Love Local, a company dedicated to helping local businesses everywhere create irresistible brands + experiences.

I help companies like yours create an online presence that attracts ideal customers, and keeps 'em coming back for more. 

Seven Growth Areas

Build clear and succinct messaging that embodies your brand and ensures you’re showing up consistently online.

Create a strong brand presence that your customers will recognize and trust in all the digital spaces that exist.

Utilize the specific aspects of social media that strongly impact local business owners.

Optimize your current or new website as a strategic place for you to direct traffic.

Create an email marketing strategy that keeps your brand top of mind and continues to drive revenue.

Cultivate a customer experience unique to your business and valued by your audience.

Hone in on your personal brand and use it to build your local business.

Check these 54 things off your list.